Established in 2009, IESCO. Is a market leader in designing, manufacturing & installation of high efficient industrial & commercial refrigeration systems. Each of our refrigeration systems are tailor-made for the specific customer, consideration is taken for many pertinent factors including climatic condition, local regulation, cost of electricity, abundance and quality of water, and availability of experienced operators.

We have become renowned for the outstanding workmanship quality of commercial & industrial refrigeration systems which we have Designed, Drawn, supplied, Installed, commissioned and maintained during the warranty period in different countries.

We have worked within every sector of industry that requires refrigeration i.e. Cold rooms, commissaries, food processing, Water chillers, Ice banks, Blast freezers, plate freezers and Ice makers, Which have been installed throughout Middle East, and parts of east Asia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Masqat, Qatar, Dubai UAE, Jordan, Lebanon and Pakistan. Our success can be accredited to a number of key factors, beside our vast experience is the selection of the components, accessories and equipment's from the best brand name manufacturers, who regularly research and reinvest, to improve the production without compromising with the quality. Get to know us and learn how our high standards, extensive product line, and capabilities will better assist you with your refrigeration needs.


"A breath of fresh air to the industries"

IESCO has adopted a simple, and unique approach to the way it conducts itself in the marketplace. This approach is integral to the company culture and operating philosophy and, as such, will be supported and continually reinforced by senior management.

The business philosophy is distinct in that the company is committed to working in a no confrontational way with clients to achieve best business solutions for the benefit of both parties. The company will commit itself to developing long term trusting relationships, earned by actual performance.

If this approach sounds different from the norm, then it is because we are different, hence our claim to be "a breath of fresh air to the industries served."